Match Card

CM Punk faces Daniel Garcia.

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Lucha Bros vs The Acclaimed.

Philly Street Fight goes down between Ricky Starks and Brian Cage.

Live coverage begins tonight at 10:00 P.M. EST

Excalibur Jericho and Taz on commentary

Daniel Garcia Vs C.M Punk

We start out with a test of strength with CM Punk bridging Garcia into a pinning attempt. transitioning into a headlock, Garcia shows his technical prowess countering into a headlock of his own Punk answers back with a shoulder tackle. Garcia quickly gets to the ropes to get out of the leg lock by Punk. Punk no-sells the chop in the corner and bodyslams Garcia. Garcia is not able to take control after counters but 2.0 distracts Punk before he can deliver the GTS, wraps Punks knee on the apron followed by 2.0 continuing the assault with the referee distracted as we go to the picture in picture.

Garcia continues the assault really zeroing in on the knee of Punk, back to full screen with Garcia still applying pressure to the knees. Garcia counters the spinning back kick into another leg lock destroying the knee of Punk.

Punk starts to get momentum but is quickly halted by a chop block. Garcia misses a drop kick in the corner Punk able to barely get out of the way, then nails Garcia with a knee strike with his good leg. Garcia kicks out at two after a roundhouse and a crawling cover by Punk.

Olympic slam by Garcia but Punk once again able to kick out at 2. Garcia counters the GTS attempt and immediately transitions into the Sharpshooter. Punk flies off the ropes to the outside onto Garcia and 2.0. Punk delivers a springboard clothesline followed by a piledriver and transitions right into the anaconda vice for the submission victory.

Grade A

A Great opening match on rampage highlighting the skill and technical wrestling ability of Daniel Garcia, who will be a star in this business one day.

AEW world Tag Team title Match

Lucha Bros VS The Acclaimed

The Acclaimed take control early,, with an assault on the Lucha Bros, lighting fast double team wrestling from the Lucha Bros quickly turns the tide in their favor. Rey Fenix attempts a suicide dive but hits the boom box instead of Anthony Bowens. Caster counters the sunset flip attempt with a show of power and delivering a vertical suplex, taking the momentum form the Luch Bros. Cazadora from Penta enables the tag to Fenix, Fenix after a flurry of kicks, scores a near fall with a flipping cutter. after trading superkicks with Fenix flipping upside down and inside out Fenix eventually hits a double cutter on the Acclaimed. Luch Bros deliver their double team package piledriver for the pinfall victory.

Grade A

Another great match tonight on Rampage back and forth action with the Acclaimed falling short but once again proving they belong in the conversation as one of the best teams in AEW.

Jade Cargill VS Skye Blue

Blue goes right at Cargill but her power is too much as she slams Blue to the mat, and eats a pump kick for good measure. Skye Blue feels the power of Jade Cargill eating her version of the Glam Slam for the win.

Grade C

Nothing but your traditional squash match to continue her push the real story happened during the beat down of Skye Blue as Thunderosa makes the save with chair in hand.

Philly Street Fight

The Machine Brian Cage VS Absolute Ricky Starks

Cage goes right at Starks, using his power to take control early, and is the first to grabs a weapon, smashing the spine of Ricky with a chair. Cage batters Ricky and gets a garbage can full o weapons from under the ring. Straks uses his speed to counter and gets the pool cue and nails Cage with it taking control, and hits Cage with a Tornado DDT as we head to another picture in picture break. Starks keeps control smashing the trash can lid onto the head of Cage multiple times.

Starks switches it up using a pipe on the huge arms of Brian Cage to try and neutralize the power of Cage followed by a shot to the gut in the corner. NIce tease with the chair in the corner both men countering to avoid it. Starks takes control again with a chain wrapped around his hand. Starks sets up the trashcan but gets caught with a huge superkick by Cage, and smashes him with the trashcan, slamming him on it as well with an abdomenable slam, hook provides a distraction as does Hobbs but Ricky gets the FTW title delivers a spear but Cage kicks out at 2. Starks ent headfirst into the corner chair. what a discuss lariat by Cage but Cage is still able to kick out, low blow by Hook and hits him with the rough sham bo for the pinfall victory.

Grade A

Another great match on Rampage Cage and Starks have great chemistry as the push continues for Starks but the question is where does this leave Cage, in theory he should move on to another rivalry.


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