Author Jason McCarthy Sr


The brutal matchup between these two brawlers. the build was short however the mic skills of Miro and Kingston quickly amped up the heat for this fight in just a few short weeks. leaving everything on the line Eddie fought tooth and nail attacking the neck of Miro just as he said he would. AEW all out review at the end of the day though Miro would stand victorious after a few misguided decisions by referee Bryce Remsburg causing confusion and logical reason for Eddie Kingston to receive a rematch.

Match grade B+


The legendary Japanese professional wrestler Satoshi Kojima walked through the forbidden door and onto an AEW broadcast for the very first time. The AEW fans in attendance gave him the raucous ovation deserving a legend such as Kojima. Moxley and Kojima did not disappoint in this encounter, providing us another physical war of the night. Well, thought out false finishes towards the end lending itself to the story of two dirty brawlers fighting it out to the bitter end, Kojima taking two Paradigm shifts however falls to Jon Moxley, who is immediately greeted by the sound of an old rival from Japan in Minoru Suzuki, who very well may be the biggest challenge for Jon Moxley to date.

Match Grade B

Dr Britt Baker D.M.D. Vs Kris Statlander

Best match so far on the card and that’s saying a lot, leaning more into the wrestling aspect Britt Baker with her finest match of her title run meshed perfectly with Statlander who herself turned in her finest tv performance in an AEW ring. The super plex could have been a nasty botch but Statlander recovered able to turn Baker over and sending them both crashing to the mat. A tremendous story backed up by fantastic wrestling with a Pittsburgh sunrise by Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and the most emotion we’ve ever seen out of Orange Cassidy to boot, In the end the experience, of Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. prevails winning by submission and with no help from Rebel or Jamie Hayter.

Match Grade A

Young Bucks Vs Lucha Bros Aew Tag team championships

Best Match of the card quite possibly the year and we can say that about the legendary ring entrance of the Lucha Bros.

One of the most amazing matches I’ve ever seen, not just cage matches but matches overall. The chemistry between these two teams was on full display, with the trust that only comes from wrestling each other for years. With fast paced action and at some points absurdly rediculous but amazing spots such as the Canadian destroyer from the top rope, these four men left everything in that ring, and following 30 plus minutes of nonstop action the Lucha Bros prevail via pinfall and take home the AEW Tag Team Titles, and a heartfelt moment between Penta and his children was just icing on the cake!


Women’s Casino Battle Royal

Battle Royals are always graded to a different scale in professional wrestling one of the hardest matches to put together but this was one of the better showings of an AEW battle royal we saw a lot of rivals continue or begin as the match progressed including, but with not a lot of tv time, the stories in the ring and the commentators desk didn’t translate as well as one would have hoped but did at least set the stage for more than just punching and kicking for the sake of punching and kicking. In a huge moment, Ruby Soho drew the Joker card and that’s when business really picked up, coming down to Thunder Rosa and The aforementioned Soho turned out an amazing singles match at the end of this thing, with Soho walking out victorious to a thunderous ovation and Rosa not losing anything in defeat still leaving the door open for her to have a title feud with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. but that honor first belong to the new arrival Ruby Soho


Chris Jericho Vs MJF

If Jericho Loses he will never wrestle in an AEW ring again.

Their match on Dynamite in the Fifth labor of Jericho was better from an in-ring perspective, but as far as a story this was better more than likely due to the well-executed Dusty Finish, and my current Jericoholism may skew my grade and enjoyment of this match, love him or hate him MJF is an expert at irritating the crowd while Jericho has become a great against the grain babyface, which undoubtedly made the false finish all the more impactful seeing as no one wants Jericho to hang up his boots any time soon.

Match Grade B

Paul Wight vs QT Marshall

Nothing incredibly special in this one, we all got what we expected mostly Paul Wight destroying Qt and the factory with a little offense from QT in the form of attacking the surgically repaired hip of Paul Wight. Following a Chokelslam from Wight quick and painless matchup.

Grade C-

Christian Cage vs Kenny Omega AEW World Championship

IN a fantastic rematch from the first edition of AEW Rampage, Christian Cage and Kenny Omega put on a wrestling clinic from bell to bell the crowd was eating out of the palm of their hands, and in doing so exceeded the already lofty expectations after their previous encounter. This match not only proved the greatness of Kenny Omega but the outright brilliance and tenacity of Christian Cage, who not only had Kenny Omega attempt to double stomp a table through his chest but also falling to an avalanche one-winged angel in one of the damndest finishes I’ve seen, and in pure AEW fashion, they ended the story between Cage and Omega and began a new one!

Adam Cole makes his debut after two excellent teams in the evening first with Britt Bakers version of the Panama sunrise and Kenny mentioning the only people that can beat him are not here, or dead. With the wrestling world in awe, Jungle Boy receives a superkick from Adam Cole cementing his never-dying friendship with the Elite.’The reunion is short-lived however as the moment we all have been waiting for, as “Flight of the Valkyries” played over the loudspeaker and Bryan Danielson made his presence felt as the newest pro wrestle to sign with ALL ELITE WRESTLING! Making this one of the biggest moments of the year and sending the fans home happy with the Babyfaces finally standing tall to close a show send the Super Elite running scared for the lockerroom.

Match grade A+

Final Segment Grade A+

Show Grade A+++: Barely letting down for a second of the actiona and a very well-paced and thought out a card each match was better than the last with the exception of Wight vs Marshall who no one expected to steal the show anyway. We have a brand new beginning here in AEW with some huge signings wanting to go up against some of the best young wrestlers in the world. Hats off to AEW for this amazing show!