Coverage begins at 8:00 P.M. EST

Match Card

Sammy Guevara VS Bobby Fish TNT Championship

The Elite VS Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus

Hikaru Shida VS Serena Deeb

Casino Ladder Match Winner gets AEW World Title Shot

PAC, VS Jon Moxley VS Orange Cassidy VS Andrade El Idolo VS Lance Archer VS Matt Hardy VS ?????

Will Hikaru Shida be the first woman in AEW to score 50 wins, who will be the Joker in the Casino Ladder match, and who will walk away with the title shot.

How will Bobby Fish fare facing Sammy Guevarra in his first TNT title defense

found out live on T.N.T

The Elit VS Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus

Jungle BOy and Nick Jackson start us off, very good transitions to start us off, followed by jump over arm drag and dropkick by Jungle boy taking brief control before Nick can tag in Adam Cole, jungle boy switches the momentum on Cole and tags in Christian Cage, who quickly hits some offense and tags Jungle Boy back in who in turn tags Christian Cage in as we get Luchasaurus chants emanating throughout the arena, Matt Jackson gets tagged in, while he is not able to take control, Jackson tags in Cole who takes control for the Super Elite and tags in Kenny Omega. Works the arm of Jungle boy and tags in Matt Jackson, Jungle boy showing spirit takes control counters to nick Jackson on the rope superkick while on the ropes to NIck and springboard arm drag to Matt Jackson.

Finally bringing in Bryan Danielson and pummels Matt Jackson with those roundhouse kicks to the chest, Danielson tags in Luchasaurus. He levels Matt with a vicious chop, backs him into to corner, and lays into him with his right hands. The faces have been in complete control of this match. Michael Nakazawa attacks Christian Cage and Luchasaurus goes toe to toe with Kenny Omega, as Christian is sprayed in the face and takes the indytaker on the floor. Jungle boy eats a superkick while checking on Christian and just like that the Super Elite seems to be in control as Christian is checked on by the doctors.

Focusing on Jungle boy Kenny gets the tag after shenanigans from cole and the bucks, ducks an enziguri attempt by jUngle Boy who fights off the snapdragon and responds with a hellacious lariat, but can’t tag out due to another distraction from Nakazawa.

Double DDT gives Jungle Boy the respite he needs as he tags in The American Dragon, and we are left with Danielson and Omega. Trading forearms in the middle of the ring these two were made to fight each other forever, backs Danielson into the corner counters bounces off the ropes, and delivers a stiff flying forearm flipping Kenny over, delivering the roundhouse to Kenny in the corner in short order.

Flying headbutt for Danielson gaining a near fall due to the Young Bucks breaking up the pinfall. Complete chaos snapdragon to Jungle Boy and double arm german transitioned into the submission but is broken up by Matt Jackson.

Luchasaurus makes his way in the ring for an extended period of time decimating the Elite in the process, Cole attempts the Panama sunrise and delivers that double chokeslam bomb onto cole and omega, then moonsaults onto the Bucks on the outside, mind you they are in control in a 3 on 4 situations, as Kenny flies over the top rope onto everyone, Cole taunting but Luchasaurus there to meet him in the ring followed by a chokeslam and the mesazoic moonsault. Low blow by Cole onto Luchasaurus, little slip up on the powerbomb spot on Luchasaurus, Jungle boy eats a snapdragon and a Panama Sunrise, as Bryan Danielson comes in breaks up the pin and starts tearing the Elite apart. Jungle boy eats a 4 man BTE trigger and gets pinned for the 3 count and the victory for the super-elite.

Grade A-

The grade is reflective of the 1 botch in the match and the fact that once again the Elite win, great match though but this is starting to get out of hand as far as no one is able to conquer the elite even in tag matches, booking them into a corner.

CM Punk Promo

Grade A

Straight from his heart as always CM Punk thanks Philly for being the community that he immersed himself in while wrestling offers to repay them by either wrestling or buying them cheesesteaks and they chose to see him wrestle he will be wrestling on Rampage and the class act that he is he gives a kid in the front row dressed as Orange Cassidy his Jordans.

Bobby Fish VS Sammy Guevara TNT Championship

These two start out absolutely laying into each other rights lefts and chops, as booby send Sammy into the ropes attempts a roundhouse but Sammy stops the momentum and get back on the offensive using his speed and agility to take control with a dropkick shoulder to the midsection, but countered by Bobby by kicking the Sammy causing him to crash down to the mat somersault senton gets a 1 count as Bobby continues the brutal assault on Sammy Guevara. bobby attempts a vertical suplex as we go to picture in picture, continuing to fight on the apron and gets the upper hand once again, clutching knees now to Sammy earns Bobby a near fall. Running back elbow by Sammy gives him some respite as the momentum shifts and both men fight it out on the apron running knee by Sammy knocking down bobby who misses the front sweep but nails the back sweep of the legs.

Bobby is beating the hell out of Sammy Guevara’s right and left body shots hard roundhouse to the thigh. another running back elbow forces bobby down to the mat, shortly followed by a running knee but bobby takes control again, hits a back suplex, and scores the near fall. Pump kick catches a charging bobby followed by a Spanish fly and tries to climb the ropes, Bobby recovers and kicks Sammy’s legs again, continuing in the direction of Sammy. Avalanch falcon arrow by fish slow to the cover but only gets two.

Bobby misses the setup roundhouse gets caught with the GTH and Sammy gets the win and remains TNT champion.

Grade A

Great TNT match as we have come accustomed to with some hard-hitting shots by both competitors but especially from Bobby Fish. taking complete control of the match. Great beatdown of Sammy Amerca’s top team hell-bent on destroying the Inner Circle. Jericho makes his triumphant return after Fuego del sol gets taken out and the brawl continues sending America’s top team running scared.

The acclaimed back together and they challenge Lucha Bros for the Tag Titles on Rampage

Womens TBS CHampionship announced

great call by Tony Kah to introduce a second title for the women’s division and having Aubrey present it

Darby Vs Nick Camaroto

Starts off with Darby flying over and attacking the factory and getting a good shot on Camaroto before Camaroto takes control by h=sheer power and will and we go to picture in picture, Camaroto continues the brutal assault on Darby Allin throwing him around the ring with reckless abandon. However when he thinks he’s in control Darby dashes out of the way causing Camaroto to crash chest first into the turnbuckle. W return with Allin nailing a flipping stunner and the coffin drop and scoring the pinfall victory. Marshall comes in gives the diamond cutter to Sting who no-sells it and drops QT with the scorpion death drop

Grad B

everything we’ve come to expect from a Darby match incredible toughness, but I would like to see one of these ends in a loss for Darby.

All decisions in the Dark Order will be decided by a vote.

Dante Martin promo challenging the entire AEW lockerroom and is answered quickly by Malaki Black, who appears in the ring behind Martin and hit him with the black mass following misting Martin in the face lights go out come back on and accepts Dante’s challenge.

Hikaru Shida VS Serena Deeb

Great to see Shida and Deeb back in an AEW ring. Quick arm drag from Shida to start us off followed by goof transitions, Slaps Shida and She shows Deeb that was a huge mistake quickly changing from jovial to intense. Delivers the running knee lift to the face of Deeb. Shida brought out the chair for her running jumping knee, Deeb throes it under the ring goads Shida in, and delivers a neck breaker through the ropes taking control as we go to picture in picture. Staying in control Deeb delivers thunderous European uppercuts, and slowing it down with an abdominal stretch. as we cut to full commercial. We come back to Shida in control and uses a spinning front face lock to weaken Serena Deeb, missile dropkick earns Shida a near fall. Deeb outwrestles Shida again and applies the octopus hold to Shida Shida kicks out of the clutch pin and hits Deeb with a vicious knee smacking her head on the mat, followed by a crossbody to the outside on Deeb and quickly rolls her into the ring chop block and dragon screw through the ropes by Deeb takes control again, and goes right back to working the knee. Shida hits Deeb with the dominator but still only earns a two-count. following up with reverse elbow strike and the falcon arrow once again for two. Deeb hits the detox on Shida but the will to get her 50th win is too strong as Shida kicks out. Puts Shida in the serenity lock forcing the tap and earning the victory keeping Shida at 49 wins, cracks a trophy over the head of Shida, and she is now a heel.

Grade A+ Fantastic wrestling match with many near falls and a lot of momentum shifts, character change feud started and so much more I can’t wait to see them go at it again.

Casino Ladder Match

Jon Moxley Vs Lance Archer VS PAC VS Andrade El Edolo VS Orange Cassidy VS Matt Hardy VS ?????

Orange Cassidy and PAC start off the Casino Ladder MatchPac take control quickly not allowing Cassidy to play his games and Cassidy is more than willing to get serious for a moment, shenanigans ensue a tilt to whirl backbreaker delivered by PAC to Cassidy, and Pac goes after a ladder. tornado DDT attempt by Cassidy counters into a brainbuster by PAC as Andrade comes out to join the battle, but takes a ladder to the face for his trouble, PAC Climbs the ladder, and Andrade springboards off the ropes onto the ladder and delivers a sunset flip off the ladder to the mat. Andrade sets PAC in the corner and Cassidy gets in the way and hits his patented orange kicks, followed by the tornado DDT by Cassidy and a shotgun dropkick by PAC as Matt Hardy joins the fray immediately hitting Cassidy with the Side Effect. Matt tries to climb the ladder Cassidy stops him as we go to picture in picture. Cassidy is all alone in the ring but can not capitalize as PAC moonsaults from the top rope onto Andrade and Matt on the outside, back to where we started with PAC and Cassidy on the ring, Archer is out next and steamrolls Andrade and completely overpowers PAC, PAC counters and uses those strong legs to try and chop down Archer, Matt makes the mistake of taking on Archer and is quickly overpowered.

Archer building some furniture connecting the ropes to both ladders and crashing through Orange Cassidy, debates climbing but decides to wait on an old rival Jon Moxley, and meets him in the crowd as the two brawls in the people. Moxley nails Archer in the face with a chair, followed by a knee strike, Archer blocks another chair and returns it into the face of Moxley. Orange Punch to Archer who is still holding the ladder and uses Archer as a step up to try to get the poker chip, shotgun dropkick to archer what a ladder in between. AHngman Adam Page is Back as the Joker and heads right at Jon Moxley clothesline Moxley outside of the ring, catches Cassidy and delivers a fallaway slam onto a ladder bounces off the ladder to clothesline Andrade, but PAC comes at him with a chair taking control and brutalizing Page as he breaks down the table it slides it into the ring, setting it up in front of a ladder Andrade follows in short order PAge is back in following the clothesline but and crashes into a ladder that was set up between the apron and the barricade, as hangman climbs the ladder and hits PAC with the dead eye off the top of the ladder all the way to the canvas, Moxley hits the paradigm shift, Orange and Moxley climb the ladder trying to get the poker chip, Hardy knocks it down sending Cassidy and Moxley into the ropes, who climbs another ladder and crashes through Cassidy and a table with a leg drop. Archer and Moxley are back in the ring, Page nails Archer with the clothesline, and Moxley uses a chair Page somehow dropped Moxley and Adam Hangman Page has claimed the chip and the title shot ready to take on Kenny Omega.

Grade A+

What a great ladder match absolute chaos and an amazing return putting Adam Hangman Page right back into the title picture to complete the story they were telling with Kenny OMega before he went on maternity leave.

Overall Grade

awesome matches great booking decisions and pacing between matches and segments truly a star-studded 2-year anniversary show!


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