WWE Monday Night Raw Draft Night 2 October 4th, 2021 Review, and Results

Goldberg returns to Raw

Who else will be moved in the Draft

Coverage Begins at 8 P.M Est

Becky Lynch arrives on Raw and receives a momentous ovation from the Raw fans in attendance! announcing herself as the first draft pick for Monday Night Raw claiming it’s her show now! reminding us all not only was she the longest raining Raw Women’s Champion and was never beaten for the title, bringing out the Queen to respond!

The heal turn of Becky Lynch still doesn’t seem to be working as the Raw fans chant Becky Two Belts. Charlotte gloats about being the most decorated woman in the history of sports entertainment and the EST of WWE makes her out from behind the curtain.

Charlotte’s still gold as a heel it’s so natural for her, as Becky instigates about them never facing each other before trying to goad Charlotte into a match with other of them. This brings out Sonya Deville and Adam Pierce announcing the Main event of the evening Charlotte vs Becky, and a women’s tag team title match, and the U.S championship matchup will open the show!

Grade B

Good opening segment here bringing up a lot of history between Becky and Charlotte and teasing the first-time-ever meeting between Bianca and Charlotte.

Before the U.S title, the first pick on night two is official Becky Lynch

The second pick of the evening The Uso’s Stay on Smackdown

Bobby Lashley the third pick of the evening stays on Raw

the fourth pick of the night Smackdown keeps Sasha Banks

Jeff Hardy VS Damien Priest U.S. Championship

Starting with transitions and shoulder blocks, Priest saw the high risk on the outside coming and moves out of the way taking control and delivering a somersault plancha from the apron for good measure as we go to commercial break.

We return with Priest attempting a backdrop from the top, Hardy counters with a whisper in the wind and a near fall, Priest responds hitting a jumping roundhouse, hardy counters dead reckoning hits a twist of fate and climbs the ropes for a Swanton, priest able to kick out and turn it into pinning combining gaining the win and retaining the United States Championship.

Grade B

The good first match of the night the crowd loves Hardy, he still goes all out commercial break hurt the pacing for the at-home viewer. For as short as the match was they told a decent story with the heart of Hardy and the intelligence of Damien Priest.

Hardy cuts a promo about going to Smackdown and teasing a change in character, bringing out one of the new draft picks Austin Theory. Giving Jeff props for inspiring him and ask to pose for a selfie, Hardy is shocked asking if he’s serious right now, and Theory nails the charismatic enigma with a clothesline right after the selfie.

RKBRO is back on our screens glad to see Randy back this team really has taken off, after the Riddle antics Randy speaks directly to Omos and challenges him to a one-on-one matchup tonight.

Grades B+

Good palate cleanser segment on both ends with bringing us the new they promised us with this draft.

First Pick round two Raw Drafts Seth Rollins

second Pick round two Smackdown Drafts King Nakamura and Rick Boogs keeping them in the process

third pick second round Damian Priest keeping him in place

fourth pick second round Smackdown picks Sheamus

decent picks with only two stars moving interested to see what Sheamus does on smackdown

Shayna Baszler VS Dana Brooke

Brooke goes right at Baszler backing her in the corner giving her the advantage for a short moment before Shayna begins the brutalization that we all sorely missed, Baszler tries to break the arm Brooke counters, Shana counters into the armbar then the carifuda clutch defeating Brooke in short order and continues the assault on Dana bringing out Dewdrop.

Grade B+

The story they are telling with Baszler is on point this is what was missing with her character the whole time since she won and lost the tag titles.

AJ Styles and Omos stay on Raw

Shayna Baszler drafted to Smackdown

Kevin Owens drafted to Raw

Smackdown picks Zia Li from NXT

Big E out next to cut a promo reminding us once again that two years in a row his New Day brethren have been drafted to a different show, addressing the elephant in the room that is Drew McIntire challenging him for the WWE Championship right after a grueling cage match between himself and Bobby Lashley, Drew answers in short order telling E that he deserves to be WWE Champion and he was waiting for a hero to vanquish Lashley so he could challenge for the title once again and congratulates Big E shaking his hand. Drew challenges Big E for a title shot which brings out Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Rude.

Dolph brings up their history together as Big E was his manager when he first came into the company, in true heel fashion claiming all the credit for Big E’s success and reminding Drew that he was Dolph’s bodyguard as well when he came back to the WWE. Dolph asks for thank you’s and all he gets is a challenge from Big E and Drew vs the Dirty Dogs.

Grade A+

Grade reflective of entertainment value and WWE finally not ignoring history between competitors making this a personal issue without even have to try very hard Big E as always incredibly entertaining.

Drew McIntyre and Big E VS The Dirty Dawgs

The Dirty Dawgs are in complete control after only a few minutes allowing the words they said to get into the heads of Drew and Big E leading to them both taking chances and being laid out on the outside as we go to commercial.

We return with Roode still in control, Big E with the hot tag from McIntyre, and takes control quickly, with an overhead belly to bellies and a erinaqie for good measure. Drew breaks up a pinning attempt and tosses Roode on the outside with a Belly to Belly of his own, Big E ducks the superkick by Ziggler goes for the Big Ending while Drew tags himself in nailing Dolph with a Claymore and taking the win for the team of Drew and Big E. E gives Roode a Big Ending for good measure. And accepts Drew’s challenge for the WWE Championship at Crown jewel.

Grade B

Good tag match from four of the best in the business today once again though the commercial break hurt the flow for the viewers at home.

We get some 24/7 title ridiculousness and an appearance from the newly drafted Apollo Crews, showing how nonimportant the 24/7 championship is as he doesn’t even try to take the title from Reggie.

Kevin Owens is in the ring with Mic in hand as we return from the break and surprisingly brings out Akira Tazowa, takes the mic from Owens and welcomes him back to Raw, and challenges Reggie for the 24/7 title and gets hit with a stunner for his trouble.

Raw Drafts The Street Profits

Smackdown Drafts The Viking Raiders

Raw Drafts Finn Balor

Smackdown Drafts Ricochet

Grade A

This may have been the best round of the draft moving every talent to a different show for new matchups and feuds and hopefully, the change of scenery to Smackdown gives Ricochet a chance to truly shine again.

Rhea Ripley and Niki A.S.H. VS Natalya and Tamina Women’s Tag Team Title Match

Natalya and Niki start it off as Niki take control as they brawl on the outside, Natalya tags Tamina and immediately takes control of the matchup, Niki reverses Tamina and puts her in a sleeper but just a short respite as Tamina nails Niki and gets a near fall, Nataly tags in goes for a Sharpshooter counters into a roll-up for a near fall and tags in Rhea, who headbutts Natalya in short order flipping the momentum of the matchup. Rhea counters an assault by Nataly and hits a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge, Tamina pulls Natalya to the corner to tag herself in, Niki crashed on both Tamina and Natalya on the outside, Ripley hits Riptide tags in Niki A.S.H. hits a dan assisted splash from Rheas Shoulders for the pinfall victory retaining the titles.

Grade B-

A good enough tag team match would have been a higher grade had they had been given more time to tell a better story in the ring.

Raw Drafts Karrion Kross

Smackdown Drafts Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza

Raw Drafts Alexa Bliss

Smackdown Drafts Cesaro

Grade B-

no moves as far as brands go fingers are crossed that Cesaro actually gets involved in some stories now as he stays on Smackdown.

Goldberg makes his way to the ring to call out Bobby Lashley, are the Goldberg chants part of his entrance theme now, the shots the camera crew showed of the crowd absolutely no one was chanting. Bobby Lashley obliges as Goldberg cuts the same promo as the pre-tape as last week. Lashley grants a match between himself and Goldberg at Crown Jewel with no holds barred.

Grade C

Goldberg still can’t cut a promo after all these years, Lashley owned the microphone in this segment but did not increase my interest in seeing Goldberg in the ring again.

New Day VS Hurt Business

Shelton and Kofi start things off, Shelton takes control tags in Cedric who remains in control tags back in Shelton who eats a tornado DDT and tags in Woods. Kofi double stomp on the floor to Shelton, Xavier back on the apron nails Cedric springboard Elbow across the ring for the victory. Bringing out the Street Profits to a huge ovation.

Grade C

It pains me to give my guys the New day and Hurt Business such a low grade but absolutely nothing was accomplished in the very short tag team match and the short promo segment after.

Raw Drafts Carmella

Smackdown Drafts Ridge Holland

Raw Drafts Gable Steveson

Smackdown Drafts Sami Zayn

Grade B

Nice to see more movement between shows again

Charlotte VS Bianca Belair

Starting off with chain wrestling back and forth between Charlotte and Bianca, Charlotte takes control early, Bianca starts getting into the head of Charlotte with her counters and taunts, Charlotte gets control after a boot to the face to Bianca. Bianca, not able to take control on the apron grasping the hair of Bianca, and tossing her over the barricade as we head to commercial, we return with Charlotte still in control, Bianca steals it back with an impressive stalling vertical suplex and a near fall to boot. Charlotte always does her homework getting both knees up to counter the moonsault and delivers a plethora of chops. Charlotte rolls up Bianca and lifts Bianca for a powerbomb and another near fall. Bianca counters Natural Selection lifts her up for theKODr countered by Charlotte and hits Bianca with a spear for a near fall. Flair tries to work the knee Bianca escapes and earns a near fall, drags her to the corner, and climbs the ropes, countered by Charlotte sending Bianca crashing to the mat, climbing the ropes herself delivers a second attempt moonsault for another near fall. Charlotte tries to lock in the figure 8 Bianca counters hits Charlotte with the KOD covers charlotte and Becky Lynch drags Bianca out of the ring hits her with the Bexsploder, continues the assault and Sasha Banks comes out to attack Becky and Bianca and Charlotte smartly gets the hell out of there. Backstabber by Sasha to Becky closing out Raw standing tall.

Grade A

A great matchup with these two I cant wait to see them wrestle again, they had instant chemistry and went move for move with each other before the interference creating a lot of intrigue for the Triple Threat at Crown Jewel and what we may get in the future between Charlotte and Bianca.

Overall Show Grade A

Good episode of Raw with stories developing and new feuds starting to build as we get close to the blowoff of other feuds for once the draft picks official change shows on October 22nd.


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